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V1.0 Brinell Hardness Automatic Measuring System

V1.0 Brinell Hardness Automatic Measuring System


Main Function:

1.     Basic function:include all functions of image processing and measurement system, such as image capture, calibration, image processing, geometric measurement, annotation, photo album management and fixed times print etc;

2.     Automatic measurement: Automatically capture the indentation and measure the diameter and calculate the corresponding value of Brinell hardness;

3.     Manual measurement: Manually measure the indentation, the system calculates the corresponding value of Brinell hardness;

4.     Hardness conversion: The system can convert the measured Brinell hardness value HB to other hardness value such as HV, HR etc;

5.     Data statistics: The system can automatically calculate the average value, variance and other statistical value of the hardness;

6.     Standard exceeding alarm: Automatic mark the abnormal value, when the hardness exceeds the specified value, it automatically alarms;

7.     Test report: Automatically generate the report of WORD or EXCEL format, the report templates can be modified by the user.

8.     Easy to use: Click on the interface button or press the camera button or press the run button to automatically complete all the work; if need manual measurement or modify the results, just drag the mouse;

9.     Strong noise resistance: Theadvanced and reliable image recognition technology can handle the indentation recognition on the surface of the complex sample, two kinds of automatic measurement mode to deal with the extreme situation;

10.  Automatic calibration:The system has provided a calibration function, convenient for the indentation size measurement and may calibrate at any time. With a calibration grid, the system can automatically implement full calibration for calibration grid intersection points to eliminate measurement error caused by lens distortion.



Standard Configuration:

1.    Computer (CPU: I3, SSD: 240G, Memory: 8G, 22 inch LCD screen) 1 set

2.    Ink Jet Printer    1 set

3.    Portable Camera Device (0.3 Million Pixel)    1 set

4.    USB Softdog     1 pc

5.    Measuring Software    1 pc

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V1.0 Brinell Hardness Automatic Measuring System

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