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General Manager: Qian Baogen



Dear friends, dear staff, thank you for paying attention to the official websites of Shanghai Metallographic Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shangcai Testing Machine Co., Ltd. Before you browse the contents of our websites, you will miss a few minutes to come to see me for a few heartfelt words.

Metallographic and Shangcai Company was established in 2001 and 2005 successively. It started early and steadily in the field of metal material sample making and testing equipment manufacturing in China. After more than ten years of hard work and accumulation, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise ranks first in China, and has achieved good reputation and performance in the domestic and foreign markets.

The golden monk is able to create today's situation thanks to the fact that all employees have always maintained the valuable quality of "daring to be the first, hardworking" at the beginning of entrepreneurship and the strong fighting spirit of "striving, not being the second". Thanks to the recognition of the spiritual quality of our enterprise by many senior teachers and friends in the industry, and the long-term consistent care and guidance. Metallographic Monks and Shangcai people regard products as their children and customers as their families. The bottom line we always adhere to is to make products that satisfy ourselves and customers.

The times are changing rapidly, and the market competition is not waiting for us. In the era of interconnection full of opportunities and challenges, and in the face of the broad business prospects brought by the Made in China 2025 strategy and the "the Belt and Road" development strategy, Metallurgical and Shangcai people are at the key point of "second entrepreneurship". Keep up with the pace of the times, and we can stand at the forefront forever. In the future innovation tide of China's manufacturing industry, our product form, management mode, and business philosophy will withstand the test of the times and the final definition.

How to stand on the new trend? Please remember the sixteen words of "transformation and development do not forget the root, firm direction away from ostentation".

On the basis of the spiritual wealth of "truth-seeking, pragmatic, hardworking" at the beginning of entrepreneurship, we will unswervingly follow the transformation and development path of "upgrading the core technology of products, cultivating the concept of operating users, standardizing the internal management process, shaping the corporate brand image, and exploring the development of the international market"! On the road of innovation and development, we should guard against arrogance and rashness, always adhere to the enterprise motto of "gold and jade, respect virtue but material", adhere to making good products with general quality and general appearance, and always respect the sages who have both ability and virtue.

The most important thing about the detection equipment is a "real" word, which is true. To do industry, we should also focus on the word "solid" and be down-to-earth. On the road of seeking innovation based on solid foundation, the metallographic monk never forget to prove his strength with authenticity and steadfastness to create benefits for customers. The market will choose a down-to-earth enterprise, and the times will eventually return the real effort.

Metallographic and Shangcai are committed to fighting for "Made in China" metal material sample preparation and testing equipment. The biggest test for the future development of metallography and Shangcai lies in the change of thinking of all employees, the change of thinking and behavior, the change of behavior and the change of the overall situation. It is believed that the metallographic monk will, like an eagle plucking hair and breaking its beak, reproduce new vitality in the "second venture" and create another brilliance!